Additional Work Experience

1990-1994 Control Research Centre, South Bank University, London

Post doctoral research assistant

Based on the work carried out in my PhD., software was developed to commercial standard and sold to engineering companies such as British Aerospace, Shell and ICI.  My duties involved project management, software development, and also marketing, client liaison and contract negotiation.

Post graduate research associate

My work involved the generation of software tools that easily allow the configuration of engineering systems from design data without rework or redundant re-entry of information.  The implementation used Object Oriented programming and design techniques and involved the study of database technologies, information modelling, and fuzzy logic.  The tools consisted of data modelling CASE tools, and software for the exchange of data between engineering applications.  The work was carried out using C and C++ on PCs and Unix workstations and resulted in the award of a PhD.

1990-1994 Polytechnic of the South Bank, 103 Borough Road, London, SE1 0AA

Lecturer and tutor.

Lectured and tutored Mathematics, Engineering design and Software engineering on BEng(hons) Electronic Engineering and MSc Information Systems Engineering courses.

1987 – 1994 LBTC: Training For Care, 9, Tavistock Place, London, WC1H

Administrative contractor and software consultant

Duties involved:

  • Design and implementation of the financial systems software for entering, organisation, querying and archiving of financial data;
  • Design and implementation of system for the electronic exchange of financial information;
  • Installation of computer systems for the collation of information and preparation of statistics pertaining to the business of LBTC;
  • Temporary management of the finance department when required;
  • Income and expenditure bookwork including sales and bought ledgers, salaries and wages.

1983 – 1986 Vittle Inns Ltd, 1, Ballards Lane, Finchley, London

Deputy General Manager

Duties involved:

  • Day to day responsibility for the staff and business, through the bar and restaurant managers.
  • Financial management and administration: sales and bought ledgers, profit and loss accounts, budgets, salaries and wages.
  • Personnel management: Interviewing, selection and discipline.

Qualification: Gained HCITB Certificate in Training.